Dear Customer,

As severe weather season is upon us, I am reaching out to provide some additional information regarding your flood risk.

Your current homeowners’ policy, although valuable protection against the majority of situations, does not cover flood damage to your home. Part of our responsibility to you is to help you select the proper protection for your total picture. I’d like to discuss how flood insurance may be an option for your home.

A flood insurance policy is the best way to protect your home and personal belongings.

Below is a Risk Flood Insurance NON-BINDING Quote:


The following conditions should be used to determine a building's eligibility
for a PRP:


Floodzone is grandfathered                                                                No

2 loss payment, each more than $1,000                                             No

3 or more loss payments, regardless of amount                                  No

2 federal disaster relief payments, each more than $1,000                  No

3 federal disaster relief payments, regardless of amount                     No

1 flood insurance claim payment and 1 flood disaster relief payment    No

(including loans and grants), each more than $1,000)

Insurance is available under this application only if the answers to these questions are No

Coverage Total Amount
Building 250,000
Contents 100,000

Deductible -Building 1,250
Deductible -Content 1,250
Annual Subtotal 426.00
+ICC 6.00
Subtotal 432.00
-Comm Rating System Disc 0.00
+Probation Surcharge 0.00
+Federal Policy Fee 25.00
+HFIAA Surcharge 25.00
Total Premium Amount 482.00


We are here to weather the storms together. Please reach out to me at , call me directly at or stop in when you’re in the neighborhood.